Law Quadrangle (formerly Law Quad Notes)


From assaying 200 years of judicial review - Is it good? Is it constitutional? - to trying to peer through the haze of the future that the life sciences are leading us into, Law School conferences and symposia during this academic year challenged and stretchd thinking well beyond the usual, daily intellectual exercise that is considered SOP here.

The following stories report on the winter term's five major conferences, four held at hte Law School and one held at the University of Michigan Business School as a joint prospect of the Law School and the Business School. (The joint Law School/European Journal of International Law conference on terrorism was discussed in the Fall/Winter 2003 issue of Law Quadrangle Notes, beginning on page 10.). These extensively planned programs bring the resources of the Law School and the University to bear on major questions to provide deeper, more varied, and more thorough examination of the issues at hand.