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The following excerpt is from the amicus curiae brief on behalf of 14 groups of men and their advocates "dedicated to ending sexual violence" that was filed with the U.S. Supreme Court in support of the petitioner in Joseph Oncale v. Sundowner Offshore Services Inc et al. The court's unanimous opinion agreed thtat same-sex harassment violate civil rights protections just as opposite-sex harassment does and rule in March that the case should be tried. The breif was written on behalf of the National Organization on Male Sexual Victimization, Men Stopping Rape, Oakland Men's Project, Men Against Pornography, Sexual Exploitation Education Project, Men Overcoming Sexual Assault (a project of Bay Area Women Against Rape), Stop Prisoner Rape, Men Overcoming Violence, Community United Against Violence, Emerge: A Men's Counseling Service on Domestic Violence, Men Stoping Violence, Men's Rape Prevention Project, New York City Gay & Lesbian anti-Violence Project, and National Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NCASA). Citations are largely eliminated. A full copy of the brief can be found at 8 UCLA Women's Law Journal 9-46.

Amici recognize that when women and men are sexually violated, verbally or physically; they are targeted and harmed as women and as men. Amici are united in the view that same-sex sexual harassment, no less than opposite-sex sexual harassment, violates civil rights to sex equality under law. They believe that citizens should have a right to seek redress of such injuries.