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The following excerpt is adapted from Poisoning the Minds of the Lower Orders, by Don Herzog, to be published in August by Princeton University Press. Publication here is by permission.

Its a curious broadside, a work of austere graphics and polite prose far removed from the mischievous engravings and bawdy ballads usually appearing on such sheets. Drawn from an address that 345 primers had signed and 138 had presented to the queen, the original text was committed to parchment "and accompanied by a Copy superbly printed on white Satin, edged with white Silk Fringe, backed with Purple Satin, and mounted in an Ivory Roller with appropriate Devices." Even in the published version, the arch is full of intricately detailed work. The printers took pride in their craftsmanship: "This Specimen of the Typographic Art," they bragged, "was surrounded by the Border and Ornaments on this Sheet, which alone contain upwards of Twenty-six Thousand moveable Pieces of Metal. '' The quantitatively inclined will want t to know that it measures 21 5/8 by 15 1/4 inches.