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Joseph Vining has been appointed the first Henry Burns Hutchins Collegiate Professor of Law and James Boyd White is the first L. Hart Wright Collegiate Professor of Law; Four new faculty members, Leon E. Irish, William I. Miller, Mathias W. Reimann, and Joseph Weiler joined the Law School; Print by the artist 'Spy' (Sir Leslie Ward) was presented to the Law School by the wife of the late professor L. Hart Wright and placed in the new student lounge; Law professor, and former U.S. Solicitor General and federal judge Wade H. McCree Jr. aided in settling the Howard Hughes estate case following nearly nine years of legal battles; ACLS grants allows Professor Carl E. Schneider the opportunity to continue working on studying the context of change and the eliminiation of moral language and its resulting transformation on the future of family law; An ongoing study by the Law School's Child Advocacy Clinic was recognized as outstanding research by the National Court Association; Professor Donald H. Regan was awarded a Guggenheim fellowship for 1985-86; Distinguished alumnus and former Law School faculty Jack P. Dawson died.