Law Quadrangle (formerly Law Quad Notes)


Excerpts taken from and based on Professor Kamisar's introduction to his book Police Interrogation and Confessions: Essays in Law and Policy (University of Michigan Press, 1980).These essays, written over two decades, constitute an historical overview of the Supreme Court's efforts to deal with the police interrogation-confessions problem from preMirando days to the present time and provide provocative analyses of the issues that have confronted the Court along the way.

Before deciding to publish a collection of Kamisar's essays on confessions, the University of Michigan Press asked for evaluations from two of the current leading writers on the subject, Professor Joseph D. Grano of Wayne State University Law School and Professor Welsh S. White of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Professor Grano wrote: "These essays, singularly or as a whole, are unrivaled in the literature . ... The starting point for a student of the area . . . . Required reading for anyone contemplating the directions the Court should take in the future ." Professor White commented: "There really is no competing work in the field . .. . No one explores fundamental issues of constitutional law more intensely and more incisively. No one writes with more power and clarity."