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The Inns of Court


Edson R. Sutherland was Professor of Law at the University of Michgian from 1901-1944 and Professor Emeritus until 1959. This manuscript, based on original research by Prof. Sunderland and presented orally in 1951 to a faculty group from all parts of the University, hasbeen found only recently among his papers. The idea of publishing the piece came from Thomas V. Koykka, Class of 1930, a student of Sunderlands who knew him quite well from service with him on the University board in control of student publications. At Mr. Koykka's suggestion that the piece ought to have "a wider audience than one lawyer in Cleveland", Thomas E. Sunderland, Esq., the son of Prof. Sunderland, agreed to send the paper to the Law Quadrangle Notes.

When William W. Cook proposed to build and endow the Law Quadrangle at the University of Michigan, he had definitely in mind a group of prototypes which had existed in England for more than 500 years. These were the four institutions known as the Inns of Court - the Inner Temple, the Middle Temple, Lincoln's Inn, and Gray's Inn. Each was an integrated and self sufficient lawyers' university, with its corps of teachers, its body of students, its dining hall, its library, its chapel, its living quarters, and its courts and walks and gardens.