Law Quadrangle (formerly Law Quad Notes)


In a book about the Law Quadrangle published in 1934, it was said: "It is always possible to discover features about the place which have not been observed before, even by the residents."

Even today, the statement seems true. In Hutchins Hall, which was completed in 1933, one can make some of the more entertaining discoveries by looking out of the windows on the main floor. Here, cartoons in stained glass sections portray various legal problems that students discuss in the building's classrooms. The artist, though, had a sense of humor. How else could a child reaching for the cookie jar be said to illustrate "petty larceny"?

The original sketches for the windows are filed at the Bentley Historical Library on the U-M's North Campus. But one thing, apparently, is not on file - the name of the artist. The Law School's most avid history buffs do not know who to thank for these moments of relief in a building where thoughts are often so ponderous.