Law Quadrangle (formerly Law Quad Notes)


Based on an address before the Antitrust Section of the New York State Bar Association at the Association's annual meeting January 22, 1975, New York City.

.. . [l]t has been quite a year for the [Antitrust] division. The AT&T case was filed in November. Over-all, on the enforcement front, we instituted 38 civil suits and 33 criminal actions in 1974, the highest number of criminal cases since 1962. Forty-seven of the total of 71 cases involved price-fixing in one way or another. One of those cases, United States v. Oregon State Bar Association, represents the division's first attack on anticompetitive practices of the organized bar. The decision in the government's favor in its case against the National Society of Professional Engineers, challenging a code of ethics provision against competitive bidding, has provided support for this effort. The statement by the district court that the contention that professional groups are somehow exempt from the antitrust laws represents "a dangerous form of elitism" is surely worth pondering.