Law Quadrangle (formerly Law Quad Notes)


The following observations are based on Dean St. Antoine's Report to the President of the University for the year 1971-72.

The role of the law teacher. A perceptive colleague, who holds a joint appointment in the Law School but is not himself a lawyer, once gave a tongue-in-cheek but nonetheless apt description of the peculiar pedagogical problem of law teachers as contrasted with teachers in most other graduate disciplines. Said he: "we graduate school people know what we are doing, in a way you law school people do not. We are out to reproduce ourselves - to make our students as much like ourselves as possible, because they too are going to be teachers and researchers. But your students, by and large, are not going to teach law; they are going to practice it. So you must prepare them to be something different from what you are, and that is far more difficult."