Law Quadrangle (formerly Law Quad Notes)


Professor Eric Stein was appointed Carnegie Endowment lecturer at the 1971 Summer Session of the Hague Academy of International Law. The Academy, located at The Hague., Netherlands, has been the center of instruction in international law for almost half e century. Prof. Stein gave lectures and seminars in the cycle on "Disarmament." Two hundred seventy lawyers from 61 countries were: enrolled in the course, including five Michigan Law School students or alumni. Other lecturers in the cycle include Prof O. V. Bognadov of Moscow; Mrs. A. Myrdal, the Swedish Minister for Disarmament; A. Garcia Robles, Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Relations, Mexico; and Dean A. S. Fisher of the Georgetown University Law Center, former Director of the United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency.

In his lectures, Stein provided the 'first systematic comparative survey of a series of treaties that have resulted from the post-World War II negotiations in the arms control field. These include the Antarctic Treaty of 1959; the partial test ban treaty of 1963; the treaty on outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies of 1967; the treaty for the prohibition of nuclear weapons in Latin America of 1967; the treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons of 1968; the treaty prohibiting emplacement of weapons of mass destruction on deep sea-bed of 1971; and the convention prohibiting the production of biological weapons which is about to be completed in Geneva. The current strategic arms limitation talks (SALT) held alternatively in Vienna and Helsinki were also considered. The treaties mentioned above are generally referred to as "partial" or "collateral" measures, as distinguished from the ambitious plans for "general and complete disarmament" which have proved abortive.