Law Quadrangle (formerly Law Quad Notes)


Based on a speech delivered at the Honors Convocation of the University of Michigan Law School, April 3, 1971.

The student generation that is emerging today from our universities has done to its teachers the worst thing any human being can do to another: it has given us our hearts' desire. For decades we in the universities, and especially we in the law schools, have sought to shake students out of their complacency, to force them to think for themselves, to make them challenge the conventional. Now we have succeeded. And it is not at all as we had dreamed. We wanted challenge within safe limits, marginal challenge, not total challenge. What we have instead is a questioning of the very foundations. Law students, for example, question the legitimacy of the legal system, and they also question, often sharply and scornfully, the traditional aims and methods of legal education.