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The Assault on Privacy


Based on the Prologue and Epilogue to Professor Miller's new book, The Assault on Privacy: Computers, Data Banks and Dossiers, published in the United States by the University of Michigan Press, and simultaneously in Canada by Longmans Canada Limited. Copyright 1971 by the University of Michigan; reprinted with permission of the publisher.

When historians come to write the story of our time, they may well characterize it as the Age of Cybernetics. Surely one of the most significant aspects of this period is the technological revolution centered around a species of machine we call "the computer," a revolution that is dramatically increasing man's capacity to accumulate, manipulate, retrieve, and transmit knowledge. Without this resource we would be unable to enjoy the fruits of contemporary society's information explosion or to reap the full benefits of our capacity to thrust a rocket to the moon and the planets beyond.