Law Quadrangle (formerly Law Quad Notes)


Excerpts from speech before section of labor relations law at annual meeting of American Bar Association, Dallas, Texas, August 11, 1968.

As time is measured in America's Black Revolution, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed a generation ago. It was a product of what seems today almost like an age of innocence. Title VII of the Act, guaranteeing equal employment opportunity, probably reflected a naive optimism about the capacity of law to place black wokrers on an equal footing with white workers by outlawing all future racial discrimination in employment. At least, Title VII reflected a wistful hope that when the Act became effective the victims of past discrimination would let bygones be bygones and would quietly take their places in the starting gate of the job race, ignoring the long leads their white rivals had built up over the years. Things of course have not worked out that way.