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Uniform State Laws


Address of President William J. Pierce to National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws in Honolulu, July 31, 1967

We live in an age of rapid social and economic evolution and revolution. Some of its salient features are the breakdown of class restrictions, the emancipation of women and the employment of an increasing number of the female sex in the labor force, the steady, but sometimes painfully slow, progress of the Negro toward first class citizenship, the breakdown of the family as a social and economic interdependent unit, a lessening of the influence of religious institutions over both spiritual and temporal affairs, an increase in the senior citizen population, a population explosion, an increased mobility of population, a concentration of population in complex urban centers, the rapid acceptance by Americans of new knowledge and new products, an increased concern with cultural affairs, and the development of modern sciences and technology which are as yet not fully appreciated or understood. These changes necessarily place new demands upon the legal structure. The law, like the physical and social sciences, cannot stand outside a society having a rate of change that appears to be accelerating.