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The fifth edition of this bibliography is a subject arrangement of selected English language treatises, looseleaf services and form books. Most of the works listed were published in this country and all are in the collection of this law library.

Our object in revising this bibliography has been to present to the law students of The University of Michigan a reasonably thorough listing of useful and current secondary sources covering domestic and international law. The inclusion of a work in this bibliography does not mean that the Law Library is endorsing either the author's style or the substance of his work. It does mean that we believe the work to be useful in the research of our patrons.

While this bibliography is by no means exhaustive in its coverage of secondary sources on any subject, it does identify most of the major works in a given area. Thus, it can best be used as a starting point for legal research. It is not, however, a substitute for the public catalog which must be consulted during any serious research effort.

In selecting titles for inclusion in the bibliography and in removing titles that had been in the fourth edition, we have been guided by a consideration of the currency of the material. The materials listed deal with the law in its current state. Other than indirectly, this bibliography is not designed to support retrospective research. We have indicated by use of the term "current" those treatises which have been kept up to date by some sort of supplementation. Obviously, depending upon the subject, texts become dated at widely different intervals. Therefore, in including or deleting titles, we have looked to changes in the law, as well as to the dates of publication.

We have attempted to exclude from this bibliography works which are more polemical than expository. We have also excluded casebooks and popular works on the law which, while possibly helpful to laymen, would be of limited use to the law student. We have, again, not included books concerned with law reform, criticism of legal institutions or the social science aspects of law, except for those dealing with the sociology of law. Nor have we included works dealing with the law of a single region or state. Finally, we have not included reference works, such as general form books and encyclopedias, which cover a vast expanse of legal knowledge. On the other hand, listed books that deal with more than one subject are placed under all appropriate subject headings.

This bibliography is current as of August 1984.

We wish to acknowledge the extensive contribution of Bruce S. Johnson to this revision of his fourth edition of the bibliography. Thanks are also due to librarians Reet Maripuu and Miloslav Jiran and to numerous students, including Olivia Bravo, Melanie Dunshee, Bruce Kennedy, and Chuck Ten Brink, for their participation in this project. Finally, we thank Joyce French, Luanna Slay and Peter Ward for their patient, skillful and tireless work in the preparation of the document itself.