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For 41 consecutive years, from 1966 through 2006, the University of Michigan Law School surveyed by mail its graduates after they had been out of law school for 15 years, asking questions about their lives since law school and particularly about their careers as lawyers. Beginning in 1973, the graduates five years out of law school were added to the survey and beginning in 1997, the classes twenty-five, thirty-five and forty-five years out were added as well. Across the years of surveying, 79 percent of the law school’s graduates in the classes of 1952 through 2001 responded to at least one survey. The survey project was suspended between 2007 and 2013 and revived in 2014 and has been conducted online each year thereafter. The memo that follows, written in 2009, provides basic information about the substantive coverage and scale of the survey project as well as about response rates and the representativeness of the respondents.

Researchers may apply for access to the full dataset for the years 1967-2006 and 2014 forward. See