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In Failure and Forgiveness, Professor Karen Gross has written two books about bankruptcy. The first book, found in the first nine chapters, describes the bankruptcy law, the bankruptcy system, its operation, and the policies that support that law and system. This first book is written for a lay audience, and it is an admirable exposition of the law and policy. The second book, chapters ten to fifteen, contains several proposals for change in the bankruptcy law and states arguments to justify those proposals. The second book shows Professor Gross to be a kindly socialist, deeply suspicious of free markets and modern economic man, and quite willing to distribute the debtor's assets in bankruptcy according to the claimants' needs, not according to their deserts. This second book is written for bankruptcy professionals. Since Failure and Forgiveness was published by an academic press, it is unlikely ever to be seen by the lay public who could profit from the first book; unfortunately its audience will be limited to academics and a few bankruptcy practitioners who will not greatly profit from the second book.