Raymond Chan


Currently, the technology of "framing" allows a web site to: (1) pull in the contents of an external site into the local site; (2) "chop" up the contents of the external site into different "frames" or parts; and (3) display only the frames that are beneficial to the framing site. When an advertisements is blocked off by a frame, an advertiser who paid to advertise at an external (framed) site may cease to purchase advertising space from that external site if the framing activities of another web site prevent the advertisement from reaching prospective viewers. From the perspective of the framed site, this will result in a loss of advertising revenue. When framing is used by a web site to pull content from other sites, strip that content of surrounding advertisements and source identifiers, and display the content as part of its own web site, the activities of the framing site might constitute copyright, trademark and trade dress infringement, as well as violate state unfair competition laws.