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I find it quite meaningful that heartwarming reflections about Douglas Kahn come very naturally to me. Perhaps that, in and of itself, says something about this incredible man. For context, my time in physical proximity to Professor Kahn came during my years as a student-athlete at the University of Michigan, where I graduated from the Ross School of Business, and the Law School. I was also a member of The Michigan Wolverines Basketball Team, where I participated in three NCAA Final Fours, and earned an NCAA Championship Title. I mention these things, not to tout my own accomplishments, but rather because I firmly believe that none of these blessings would have occurred but for my relationship with Professor Kahn. He was a true lighthouse for me in the seas of youth and academic discovery. What I think is most remarkable about all of this is that at the core of Professor Kahn is a life that has, not himself, but others at the center. Doug Kahn’s passion, lived out, was simply this – how can I make the lives of those around me better?