Volumes 1 - 3 of the Review were published under the title Michigan Journal of Private Equity & Venture Capital Law.


This Article is a comparative analysis of insider trading law in the United States and Chile. The study summarily reviews the historical, political, and legal foundations of insider trading regulation in both jurisdictions, identifying areas of convergence, as well as areas in which the Chilean securities market could benefit vis- ` a-vis the more advanced experience of the considerably larger American securities market. The Article also highlights the axiological closeness between both jurisdictions concerning the protection of inside corporate information and the fiduciary role of those who intervene in securities markets in their various capacities (as investors, shareholders, corporate officers, consultants, advisors, or as other intermediary roles). The Article concludes by identifying a series of reforms that might potentially benefit the Chilean legal system as it works towards its stated purpose of protecting and promoting transparency in its national securities market.