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"Believing that the time has come when this work would be increased in value by discarding altogether the notes of English editors, and substituting matter more especially important to American practitioners and students, the editor has prepared this edition under that conviction.... To the Review of the recent progress of the law appended to the Fourth Book, there has been also added a summary account of the British Colonial System and the System of Local Government, and the means given for comparison of these with analogous institutions in the United States."

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William Blackstone, Blackstone's Commentaries, Laws of England, Laws of the United States, United StatesTerritories


Common Law | Comparative and Foreign Law | Legal History


“Together with a copious analysis of the contents. And notes with references to English and American decisions and statutes, to date : which illustrate or change the law of the text ; also, a full table of abbreviations, and some considerations regarding the study of the law, by Thomas M. Cooley.”

Vol.1. Including Books I & II.

Commentaries on the Laws of England : in Four Books