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“In the present volume on Code Pleading, the editor has aimed to present the subject, in all of its more important features, as a complete working system of pleading. The code has frequently been treated as the mere ‘antithesis’ of common law pleading, and this has resulted in throwing the subject completely out of balance by unreasonably extending the discussion of those elements which are ‘characteristic’ of the code, while unduly restricting or entirely ignoring those principles which the code shares with the common law….

“The student should be able to obtain a clear conception of the system as a currently used method of procedure, adapted to the complex demands of modern litigation ....

“The editor has endeavored in this book to treat the code as it is actually employed, to disclose both the logic of its theory and the difficulties of its practice, for the purpose of giving the student a thorough and intimate understanding of code pleading as both a science and an art.” --Preface

Publication Date



Callaghan and Company




Code pleading, Causes of action, Demurrer, Pleadings, Motions, Casebooks


Civil Procedure | Common Law | Legal Education | Litigation


Alternate title:Sunderland's Cases on Procedure

Series: Practice series (Callaghan and Company)

“Cases on Procedure: The Series. The present volume, on Code Pleading, is the second of a series of case-books which the editor hopes to prepare for the use of law students, covering the broad subject of Procedure….” --Introductory note to Series.

Cases on Procedure, Annotated. Code Pleading