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“The following collection of cases and other authorities on the Law of Admiralty requires prefatory comment in at least two particulars.

In the first place, the collection is incomplete. It has been necessary to keep within rather definite limits of space. Within those limits it has seemed better to develop selected topics somewhat fully, leaving out others altogether, rather than to spread the collection out over as much of the field as one would like to include….

In the second place, the collection is tentative. There are no footnotes and such materials as are usually thus included must be supplied by the instructor…” --Preface

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Edwards Brothers


Ann Arbor


Casebooks, Cases, Law students, Maritime law, University of Michigan Law School


Admiralty | International Law | Law of the Sea


Mimeographed: Reproduced from typewritten ms. Publishing information from p. [1] cover; imprint date based on date in Pref. (June 21, 1924).

A Selection of Cases and Other Authorities on the Law of Admiralty, Pt.2: The Maritime Law