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In the Preface to the first edition of this work. the author stated its purpose to be, to furnish to the practitioner and the student of the law such a presentation of elementary constitutional principles as should serve, with the aid of its references to judicial decisions, legal treatises, and historical events, as a convenient guide in the examination of questions respecting the constitutional limitations which rest upon the power of the several State legislatures. … The second edition being exhausted, the author, in preparing a third, has endeavored to give full references to such decisions as have recently been made or reported, having a bearing upon the points discussed.

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Constitution, Governance, State constitutions, Legislatures, History, England, Freedom of speech, Freedom of the press, Freedom of religion, Bill of Rights, Municipalities, Personal property, Property rights, Statutory interpretation, Constitutional amendments, Constitutional interpretation, Police power, Eminent domain


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A Treatise on the Constitutional Limitations Which Rest Upon the Legislative Power of the States of the American Union