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The purpose which the writer had in mind in the preparation of this monograph, was to furnish to the practitioner a more extended presentation of the law relating to expert testimony, than is afforded in the treatises on evidence. It seemed desirable that the law on this important subject should be set forth with more of detail than it has been found practicable to do in the general treatises of the law of evidence. The cases relating to expert testimony are so numerous and so diversified in character, that any attempt to bring them all together, and give to them that consideration they merit in a work devoted to the general subject of evidence, would seem to be out of the question. Moreover, within the last few years, many and important cases on this subject have been decided by the courts, which have not yet found their way into the larger treatises on evidence. It was for the purpose of supplying this evident want that this work was undertaken.

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William H. Stevenson


St. Louis, MO


Admissibility, Scientific Evidence, Evidence, Expert Evidence, Experts



The Law of Expert Testimony

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