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Several years ago the writer printed for the use of his class a brief course of lectures on Partnership. A wider demand for them having sprung up, they have been revised and reprinted in the hope that they may be useful to students elsewhere. They pretend to be nothing more than the mere elements of the subject, and the endeavor has been to keep them in small compass. The citation of authorities has been purposely limited to the leading and most readily accessible cases, and those cited have been selected rather as illustrations of the text than as authorities for it. Much statement of cases in the text has been avoided, because the lectures were designed to be used and were in fact used in connection with a volume of selected cases upon the subject. It is assumed that the study of Agency will precede that of Partnership, and some knowledge of the former subject has been constantly taken for granted. If the style at times seems to be didactic, the circumstances of the original composition will serve as an explanation.

The law of Partnership, of which we are now to begin the study, is one of the ·most interesting and important branches of commercial law. It appropriately follows the law of Agency, of which it is often said to be a part. It belongs to that class of personal relations, heretofore spoken of, which are created, not by law, but by the contract of the parties.

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Elements of the Law of Partnership