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Since the publication in 1823 by Mr. D. G. Lube of his Principles of Equity Pleading that work has been recognized by the profession as a standard treatise upon that subject. The two generations of lawyers and judges who have come and gone since Lube wrote have contributed little to the a~t and science of equity pleading, so that to-day Lube's work is the best in existence. In this edition of the second part of his work the Editor has added little to the text of importance and has omitted substantially nothing. The only object he had in view in preparing this edition was to obtain a text suitable for the use of the student.

Publication Date



Courier Printing


Ann Arbor


Pleadings, Equity, Remedies, Trials


Civil Procedure | Common Law

An Analysis of the Principles of Equity Pleading : Containing a Compendium of the High Court of Chancery, and the Foundation of Its Rules : Together with an Illustration of the Analogy Between Pleadings at Common Law and in Equity