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From Editor's Preface, Volume I:

“The Commentaries of Mr. Justice Blackstone have now for more than a century been the wonder and delight of persons whose curiosity or interest have led them to investigate the constitution and laws of Great Britain, the condition of things from which they grew, and the reasons upon which they rest….

“In preparation of the present edition it has not been thought unimportant to call attention from time to time to the differences which exist between the constitutions of Great Britain and of the United States. Some of those differences, however, are too subtle to be put upon paper, and spring from differences in society which are sensibly felt but difficult of description….

“What is new in this edition has been added in the same spirit that has governed the selections from the English notes. As students make more use of this work than practicing lawyers, their information and benefit have been kept mainly in view but references have been made to judicial decisions on many practical questions, and it is hoped they will be found not without their convenience to the profession generally.” --Thomas M. Cooley, Ann Arbor, … 1870

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Callaghan and Cockcroft




William Blackstone, Blackstone's Commentaries, Laws of England, Laws of the United States


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"Together with such notes of enduring value as have been published in the several English editions. And also a copious analysis of the contents; and additional notes with references to English and American decisions and statutes, to date, which illustrate or change the law of the text; also, a full table of abbreviations and some considerations regarding the study of the law, by Thomas M. Cooley, Jay Professor of Law in the University of Michigan, and author of Constitutional Limitations

Volume II: Including Books III & IV.

Commentaries on the Laws of England : in Four Books