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In January 2004, workers everywhere lost a forceful advocate with the death of Ruth Gerber Blumrosen. From the earliest days of her career, Ruth focused her prodigious intellect and indomitable energy on the enduring problem of employment discrimination. Through both her various high-level professional positions and her academic scholarship, she quickly became known for her expertise in this field and her passion for finding solutions. Ruth's research and writing addressed quite a range of employment issues, including wage discrimination, job segregation, downsizing, and employee rights. Ruth previously published three articles with the University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform, including Wage DiscriminationJ, ob Segregation, and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964,1 cited by the United States Supreme Court in County of Washington v. Gunther, 2 Wage Discrimination and Job Segregation: The Survival of a Theory,3 and Remedies for Wage Discrimination. More recently, Ruth received funding by the Ford Foundation to examine hiring practices and document the continuing presence of discri_'nination in metropolitan America. Through such significant efforts to define and identify troubling labor practices, Ruth continually advanced the cause ofjustice in the workplace.