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Although I have collaborated with Leroy Merrifield on four editions of a labor law casebook over the past twenty years, and although we have each taught as a visitor at the other's law school, I did not fully appreciate the hidden dimensions of this quiet, unassuming scholar until we spent a day together in early 1986 at EPCOT. To begin with, Leroy had to use all his patient, persistent cajolery to entice me and another academic colleague (who is almost as staid and unbending as I am) to join him, along with our respective spouses, on an expedition to Disney World's newest extravaganza. Then, when we arrived, it quickly became obvious that Leroy had done his homework and knew exactly where we should go. Under his brisk command, we marched off to take a diving bell down to view the wonders deep beneath the seas; to lunch at the "Nine Dragons" restaurant in the Chinese Pavilion, by far the best and most popular dining spot in the complex (Leroy of course had cannily made the necessary reservations); and to anticipate the endless delights of the World of the Future, as envisaged by the great names of American industry.