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Dave Feller and I first became acquainted when we were both union lawyers in Washington, D.C. Dave was the ultimate happy warrior. He went joyous into combat, and years later he could recount, joyously, objectively, and without rancor toward old foes, the exact details of the many triumphs and the few defeats. A favorite story came from his Supreme Court clerkship. Dave was already seven years out of Harvard Law School, with experience in university teaching, Army intelligence, and the Justice Department, and he didn't hesitate to tell Chief Justice Vinson he should vote for certiorari in a case close to Dave's heart. When Vinson remained adamantly opposed, Dave lobbied his fellow clerks to lobby their Justices to counter the Chief. Dave prevailed and Vinson, outraged by this treasonous behavior, fired Dave. But Dave's was too fine a mind to be lost to the Court, and his clerkship was soon restored.