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Thank you all for coming today. This is, I think, a really important topic. Important enough that the conference has decided to have two talks on the same topic, and Mark will be presenting on this in the next session, too. I plan on attending because I don’t think you can get enough perspectives on it right now. And hearing this information, I had to attend several talks myself before I really digested it and understood what this was all about. So, I hope that I can give you a little bit of that today. My name is Kristen Wolff. I am Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan. I co-teach in the Zell Entrepreneurship Clinic, supervising students who are providing free transactional legal services to early-stage startups, mostly in the University of Michigan ecosystem. Today, I’m going to talk about integrating generative AI into transactional law classes. The first half of the talk I’m going to try to make the case for “why.” Why we should do this? And then, hoping that some of you all bought into it, the second half will explore how we might do it.


Originally published as Kristen Wolff, Preparing Future Lawyers to Draft Contracts and Communicate with Clients in the Era of Generative AI, 25 Tenn. J. Bus. L. (2024),