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Professionals from various disciplines are called upon to respond to the sexual exploitation and the sexual abuse of children. Their various responses include: creating preventative measures to decrease the occurrences of abuse and exploitation, assessing whether a particular child has been abused, using the legal system to punish the perpetrators or to protect a child who has been subject to exploitation or abuse, and treating the victims and the perpetrators in an effort to rehabilitate and prevent reoccurrence of abuse and exploitation.


Copyright 2022 Civitas ChildLaw Center Loyola University Chicago School of Law in cooperation with the National Association of Counsel for Children. This copy is provided for personal and educational uses only. All other rights reserved. Originally published as Vandervort, Frank E. "The First Amendment and Child Pornography: Implications for Professionals Engaged in Child Protection." Children's Legal Rights Journal 23, no. 1 (2003): 2-16