Problems of Innovation-Deficient Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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Physicians are usually focused on which drug to prescribe, but recent developments suggest that they should be looking at something they have long taken for granted: that their chosen drug is available, high quality, and free from contamination. Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical industry has for decades lagged behind other industries, such as consumer goods, electronics, and food, in developing modern manufacturing processes, and today their processes are expensive, inefficient, and riddled with problems. This innovation deficiency has major negative impacts for patients, providers, the pharmaceutical industry, and the health care system as a whole. It also creates significant opportunities for firms willing to address technical and regulatory hurdles, although large-scale change will most likely demand legal and regulatory solutions.


From New England Journal of Medicine, Price, W. Nicholson, II. "Problems of Innovation-Deficient Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.", 1-3. Copyright © 2013 Massachusetts Medical Society. Reprinted with permission.

Work published when author not on Michigan Law faculty.

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