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Dean Bates comments on the alarming trend of nationalism in America: "Blind indeed must he be who supposes that our legal and political institutions can escape profound modification by those great changes in commercial, industrial, political and social conditions which, in part, were caused by the world war, but were greatly intensified by it.... No intelligent person, who has any knowledge of history and of the protection which local government has always given to human freedom, can fail to feel a deep and at times shuddering sense of apprehension at the rapidity with which we are massing our governmental power and authority in the vortex at Washington..."


From the introduction of the speaker, Dr. Henry M. Bates, by University of Michigan Law School alumnus and Texas Bar Association member Mr. G.N. Harrison of Brownwood [TX]:

"I will subside right here, and take the pleasure of introducing to you Dr. Henry M. Bates, Dean of the Law Department of the University of Michigan; because I attended the school, I think it is the greatest law school in the world, and it generally has that reputation, I believe. [Applause.] Not only is he Dean of the Department at that great institution, but Dr. Bates is also President of the Associated American Law Schools, a man who has devoted many years of his life to the study of the science of law and the fundamental principles of good government. I present to you Dr. Bates ..." [p.167]