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I want to preface my remarks by saying something about the kind of talk this is going to be. As my title says, I shall speak mainly about economics and law, which I shall examine as forms of thought and life, or what I shall call cultures. With law, about which in fact I shall speak rather briefly, I am naturally familiar by training and experience. But with economics I am familiar only as an observer­ as a general reader who reads the newspaper, as a lawyer who has followed a little of the law and economics literature, and as one who has lived among those interested in the field. I thus speak about it as an outsider, and, as you will see, I speak largely about features of economic thought that I find disturbing. What I say, then, should be taken as tentative, subject to correction and response from those who know what I do not. In this sense the work I am offering you is unfinished. On the other hand, it does reflect a good many years of thinking about these questions, and it says what I think. It is tentative, then, not in the sense that I do not mean what I say, for I do, but in the sense that I recognize that about much of this I might someday have to change my mind.