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The year 1967 begins the second half-century of zoning in the United States. The first comprehensive zoning ordinance was adopted by New York City in 1916. In the fifty years that have elapsed, zoning has become, notwithstanding a growing disenchantment with it on the part of planners, the most widely employed technique of land use control in the United States. At the present time only Houston, of all the major cities in the United States, lacks a zoning ordinance. And, though I have not obtained precise figures, we are all familiar with the increasingly large per centage of small municipalities, many with populations less than 5,000, that have adopted zoning ordinances. Curiously, particularly in view of the fact that zoning was largely the invention of lawyers, the legal profession has until recently, paid little attention to the legal problems of this pervasive control. Only in the last dozen years or so have the law schools, for example, found a place in the curriculum for systematic study of zoning.