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In Lober v. Dorgan, 215 Mich. 62, decided July 19, 1921, the court again wrestled with the problem which has troubled the Michigan courts for many years, as to whether the law of the state recognizes any such thing as joint ownership in personal property with the common law incident of survivorship. The facts presented a controversy between the estates of husband and wife, the latter having survived the former. A real estate mortgage had been given to "George W. Bush and Sarah Bush, his wife, of Gobleville, Michigan, as joint tenants, with sole right to the survivor." After the husband's death Mrs. Bush collected part of the sum due and the suit was for an accounting as to the sum so collected. It was held, Steere, C. J., and Fellows and Stone, JJ., dissenting, that Mrs. Bush by right of survivorship was entitled to the whole sum.