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The University of Michigan is one of the two largest universities in the United States, and this position it has attained within a comparatively few years. In June, 1887, it celebrated its semi-centennial ; and the University Calendar this year issued shows a Faculty roll of one hundred and eight professors, instructors, and assistants, as well as the names of eighteen hundred and eighty-two students. Harvard University, founded in 1636, and the oldest institution of learning in the country, celebrating its two hundred and fiftieth anniversary in November, i886, leads it in numbers by only seventeen students. In 1871 the Hon. James 13. Angell, LL.D., became President of the University of Michigan, and from that time to the present has continued to act in that capacity, with the exception of the period in which he served the country as Minister to China, and more recently while he was acting as a member of the Fishery Commission intrusted with the delicate duty of attempting an adjustment of the difficulties existing between the United States and Great Britain. He has the satis- faction of knowing that during his administration the University of Michigan has grown from an institution with eleven hundred and ten students and a Faculty roll of thirty-six, to its present proportions.