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It is proper for me to say, in the beginning, that I have been delegated to bear, and I have the honor to present to the College of Law of the Ohio State University, upon this occasion the sincere congratulations and most hearty good wishes of the largest University Law School in the United States--the Department of Law of the University of Michigan. In addition to this, it is with much satisfaction, and is a very great personal pleasure, that I have the privilege of joining in the festivities of this dedication of the beautiful Temple of Themis, wherein the College of Law is to have its future home. As one who participated in the planting, that has finally borne such excellent fruitage, I have been asked to tell something of the beginning. Twelve years ago this morning, June 23d, 1891, the University Trustees passed a resolution that gave birth to the College of Law. This action was the result, consciously or unconsciously, of ideas that had at that time become quite definite, after many years of struggle. These were: (I) That it was the State's duty to privide for the equipment and maintenance of this institution. (2) That this institution should be made into a State University in fact as well as in name. (3) That there should be a Law Department in connection with this University. I can only briefly sketch the growth of these ideas.