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We have met here today specifically to dedicate Hutchins Hall, the last unit to be erected of a splendid group of buildings presented to the University by Mr. W. W. Cook. The buildings are beautiful, useful, and enduring, but taken altogether, with all that they are in themselves and all that they signify, they represent only one part of a comprehensive contribution to the educational resources of the University of Michigan. It is, therefore, both fitting and imperative that we should on this occasion consider carefully the significance of our whole heritage. Other persons today will speak of Mr. Cook's generosity, of his interest in education, of his loyalty to his University, of his public spirit, and of his regard and respect for the law. Undoubtedly these attributes were contributing factors in his decision to erect these buildings and to provide an endowment for Legal Research. But, it is my purpose to discuss the deeper significance of his splendid gift.