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The first law department lecture was delivered to University of Michigan students on October 5, 1859. Since then, the Law School has become on of the outstanding centers for legal education in the world. Its greatness derives from the exceptional faculty and students who have been drawn to Ann Arbor. Since 1933, the unique design and beauty of the Law Quadrangle have provided an incomparable environment in which members of this community of scholars have developed their talents.

Construction of the Quadrangle took more than a decade. The result, reflecting the exquisite craft of artisans in stone, glass, wood, and ironwork, is one of the nation's supreme architectural landmarks. Two books published by the University of Michigan Press provide greater detail about the significance and development of the Law Quadrangle: The Michigan Law Quadrangle: Architecture and Origins, by Kathryn Horste, and The Uses of Art: Medieval Metaphor in the Michigan Law Quadrangle, by Eileen Forsyth (out of print).


An oversized brochure of the Law Quadrangle, featuring information about the Law School as well as the architectural features of the Quadrangle.