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As General Editor of this treatise, my principal job is to recruit an excellent team of authors; no one in the modern day could hope to replicate John Henry Wigmore's one-man show. David Leonard, not only a superb scholar but also an exemplary person through and through, was one of the first people I asked, and to my delight he joined the project. He tackled his assignment with great ability and broad vision--and also graciousness in dealing with a slew of editorial comments from me. With a degree of efficiency and industry that can perhaps best be described in this context as Wigmorean, he produced a volume covering an important swath of rules that limit admissibility of certain types of evidence. Gallantly, even after being stricken by the illness that ended his life very prematurely, he continued to be productive, and not only revised that volume but wrote another, on uncharged misconduct. The volumes have been capably supplemented and updated by Prof. Arthur Best, and I am pleased that newly revised editions are now being published. I believe that David's work has continued to stand up remarkably well despite the passage of time.


Reprinted from The New Wigmore: A Treatise on Evidence: Selected Rules of Limited Admissibility, 2019, xxiii-xxvii, with permission of Kluwer Law International.

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