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The report is presented as a pool of data which will serve many purposes. First of all, the report furnishes a perspective on the largeness and the smallness of the reparation process, and of its many parts. Second, the report supplies much more specific information than has ever before been available on many points, such as the high or low level of reparation in relation to losses; the number of people who get paid, and those who receive nothing; the levels of legal expense, including attorneys' fees. Third, it will furnish a guide for future research directed to narrower questions, by disclosing what are the kinds and approximate dimensions of the phenomena which call for further examination. In order to suggest what sorts of information the report contains, and what conclusions may be drawn from it, a few of its findings are sketched in the following paragraphs. These findings have been selected from among many others as the ones most likely to be meaningful in the eyes of readers of many different kinds. Most of this summary relates to the survey of Michigan automobile accidents, which forms the major portion of this study.

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Automobile Accident Costs and Payments: Studies in the Economics of Injury Reparation