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The rapid expansion of international trade during the past fifteen years has confronted the American business counselor with a great variety of new problems. Solutions to these problems were not expounded to him in his pre-war legal education, nor are they to be found in the rich proliferation of advance sheets, digests, and loose-leaf services with which the modern American lawyer is blessed. When he turns to foreign counsel, he finds that a lack of common legal background makes meaningful professional communication difficult. This book has been prepared with the primary purpose of helping those American lawyers who, because of their clients' expanding activities, confront for the first time the problems of trading with and trading in the European Common Market. It is designed to give them an over-all picture of the new legal framework of the Market itself and of the laws of business organization, labor relations, industrial property, competition, and taxation which prevail there. With this background American lawyers should be better able to select and use the services of the European experts on whom they must, of course, depend for definitive counsel.

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European Economic Community, European Common Market, Business organizations, Labor relations, Industrial property, Competition, Taxes


Business Organizations Law | Comparative and Foreign Law | Labor and Employment Law


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American Enterprise in the European Common Market: A Legal Profile. Volume 2.