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The publication of the Model Probate Code, together with related monographs and appendix notes, serves a dual purpose. It is the report of a committee of the Probate Division of the American Bar Association. It is also the product of a research project carried on by the University of Michigan Law School. Mr. R. G. Patton, in his "Presentation of the Report of the Committee on Model Probate Code," printed elsewhere in this volume, has provided an appropriate preface for this publication in its first aspect.

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University of Michigan Press, Callaghan & Company


Ann Arbor, Chicago


Model codes, Probate, Distributions, Heirs, Wills, Bonds, Probate courts, Decedents, Administration, Settlements, American Bar Association


Courts | Estates and Trusts | Legislation | Property Law and Real Estate


Published under the auspices of the University of Michigan Law School (which, however, assumes no responsibility for the views expressed) with the aid of funds derived from gifts to the University of Michigan by William W. Cook.

Problems in Probate Law: Including a Model Probate Code