Law Quadrangle (formerly Law Quad Notes)


In the last few yearsm affirmative action in higher education has faced increasing legal scrutiny, in part because of doubts about the kinds of graduates these programs produce. A few years ago, we and some of our colleagues at Michigan started asking whether we could learn the answers to these questions about the careers of our graduates. The Law School already possessed considerable information about our minority graduates - from the surveys we have conducted each year for over 30 years of our alumni five and 15 years after graduation. But, while the annual survey asks many questions about careers and career satisfaction, it is not mailed to graduates less than five years or more than 15 years out of Law School. And, while the survey has long asked a few questions about discrimination based on race, it did not ask other questions - for example, about the race and ethnicity of clients served- that would permit us to explore other possible differences in the experiences of minority and white graduates.