Law Quadrangle (formerly Law Quad Notes)


Being in love, the author of Love Story tells us, means never having to say you are sorry. Being Dean of Admissions in 1971 meant having to say "I'm sorry," several thousand times. To paraphrase Sophie Tucker - I've been in love and I've been dean of admissions and believe me, being in love is better.

The story is not new, and I am not telling it to gain sympathy, which is a commodity my wife graciously supplies me in carefully measured doses. The press has carried a number of reports in the past year on the great rush to go to law school, and those who read this magazine regularly know that Michigan has for several years been dealing with a large surplus of able candidates for admission. Still, one has to pause briefly when Educational Testing Service reports that 75,000 real people, excluding multiple applicants, were trying to get into law schools with a total of 38,000 seats across the nation. Such large numbers make our problem - selecting a class of 360 from 5,000 candidates - seem slightly less grave, although it was all we could handle.