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The President of the United States and his staff produce a large volume of documents and other materials. These documents fall into two major categories. The first category is comprised of archival presidential materials such as papers, documents, visual and audio records of the presidency, and the personal papers of the president, his family, associates, and friends. This category of presidential material is primarily of interest to historians, political scientists, and other scholars because it provides "a comprehensive view of our Presidents and... [U.S.] history."1 The second category is comprised of presidential documents with legal effect used by the president to exercise presidential authority and through which the president also manages the operations of the federal government.2 This category includes executive orders, proclamations, reorganization plans, administrative orders, findings, determinations, memoranda, executive agreements, presidential nominations, messages to Congress, and signing statements. This article provides information on how to find free sources of material in both categories on the web.