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The following collection of cases has been prepared, at the request of several leading educators, to accompany the writer’s treatise on the law of agency, the purpose being to illustrate the text by object lessons gathered from the reports. Nothing in the way of annotation has been attempted, beyond an occasional reference to similar cases, as it is thought that the text of the treatise supplies all that is needed in that direction. To make a selection of cases from the great number upon the subject is a difficult task and one in reference to which opinions will necessarily differ. The attempt here has been to select such as contained clear statements of the principles or furnished striking illustrations of them, and were not too much involved with other matters or too long for reproduction. Some cases which might otherwise have appeared have been omitted because the substance of them has been sufficiently stated in the text or notes of the treatise. In many cases matters irrelevant to this subject have been omitted. Cases on the law of master and servant have also been omitted as they sufficiently appear in other available collections. Many of the cases given are too recent to constitute what may be termed leading cases, nor has there been any attempt to include all that might properly be so designated. As the volume is intended primarily for the use of students, for whom the making of their own abstracts is a most valuable exercise, the cases are printed without head notes. It is believed, however, that they will be thereby rendered no less useful to others who may desire to consult them, as a full index furnishes a ready guide to their contents.

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